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How They Work

Weighted blankets have been used for decades to calm and comfort kids and adults with sensory integration challenges and those  on the autism spectrum.  Now, they are readily available on Amazon to help people manage their stress and sleep more soundly.  


The weight of the blanket triggers the same neurological response that you get when hugged or held.  You feel calm and safe, even if the circumstances that made you anxious and upset haven't changed.  The deep pressure on the muscles and joints encourage deep breathing, a classic stress reduction technique.  As a result, you sleep better, anxiety and pain are reduced, all with out doing anything more than laying under a weighted blanket. 

Despite the benefits, weighted blankets present several disadvantages.  They're big.  They're heavy, which limits their use by young children.  They're made for use on beds, which means it's  difficult to move  them or take them anywhere outside of the bedroom.  Their weight and bulk make it hard to wash them.  And they're available in limited colors and textures.


I've used weighted blankets for years and am only too aware of the drawbacks.  I developed calm.seas.comforts products as an answer to these problems. 


- Our Frogs and mini-comforters are designed to be portable.


- Draping a  Frog or mini-comforter on your lap at work or school creates the same feeling of comfort and calm as using a larger blanket. 


- They can be washed and dried on gentle setting in your home machine.


- They're beautiful!  Because everyone is different, they come in a large variety of colors and textures.  This kind of tactile and visual stimulation is largely missing in the modern world.       

You don't have to believe me about the benefits of calm.seas.comforts weighted products.  Just try it.  They'll make you feel good.  Who doesn't want more comfort and calm in their life?